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Mocha November 25, 2007

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Like the same drink that I get down the street in the little Italian coffee bar (no fructose syrups, just pure joy) Mocha, the dog, is as equally exquisite. She is a springer spaniel who loves chasing a toy, knows where her boundaries are in the yard and has the most wonderful eyes. They are mesmerizing.


Now all that is great and good but what the most amazing thing was about Mocha was her ability to follow direction. I’m really not kidding, it was unreal. I honestly never expect dogs to listen to what I have to say or do what I tell them to do. Despite the fact that I hold extensive conversations with them, doling out compliments and showering them with treats, I always have to make sure I’m ready to click that shutter during fleeting moments.


Not with Mocha.  We had an understanding and I felt like I was working with an experienced and incredibly professional supermodel. The novelty never wore off, it was awesome. I would ask Mocha to get in a certain part of the yard, I would ask her to stay there while I walked away. I would ask her to adjust her stance, put her head up, down, backwards, whatever and she’s happily oblige and then wait patiently while I adjusted my camera accordingly, making sure I got the shot.  What?!  I know, it’s all true.   But regardless of her superior communication skills she is above all an incredible creature with a wonderful demeanor, a caring soul and a brightener of days. A snuggle butt with a soft coat, a sweet face and a love for the water. I really had a great time with her and am happy to have met her family. Her photo session was the celebration of a great couple. Happy Anniversary Dennis & Shannon!