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Sierra July 14, 2008

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Sierra is a Rottie-Shepherd mix with a super sweet demeanor. She thoroughly enjoys relaxing on the patio, smiling her definite Rottie smile. 🙂

She enjoys cookies although she settled for crumbs as she’s on a bit of a diet 😉 A true sweetheart and an excellent friend, I had a very mellow and relaxing session with her by the pool. Thank you, Sierra!


Octavious July 9, 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Octavious. All week long before our session I found myself wandering around my house singing his name to the tune of that Dannon “Activia” commerical. “Octaviouussss!” (I think I should stop leaving the tv on when I’m not watching it.)

The funny thing is that Octavious does not eat yogurt (to my knowledge) and “activities” are certainly not on his agenda for Sunday mornings. 🙂 He wants to do what normal people do on Sundays…nothing. I don’t blame him, he’s really good at it- hee hee!

He likes to lounge by the pool in his favorite chair. And when it gets a little warm he likes to go inside and lounge. He loves to be around his Dad!

Octavious was an absolutely wonderful sport ,despite his not having any interest in sports, and sat outside with me on this quite morning while I told him how handsome he was. He photographs beautifully and was a joy to work with.


A Whole Lotta Love July 8, 2008

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Yes, there are six dogs in this post. And, yes, all six are part of the same household! Self-proclaimed “foster failures” 🙂 , their people-parents have done an amazing job in providing them all a wonderful and loving home, creating an incredibly harmonious pack of superb characters.


This lovely Aussie mix lives for the frisbee. She’s wonderfully energetic and easily steps into the role of yard boss when her siblings are running around willy nilly. She darts out super fast to catch a flying disc and is very determined when it comes to practicing this craft. A true sportswoman. 😉


Brutus is another Aussie mix but with quite the opposite demeanor. He will skip around for a few steps but mostly prefers to observe the common folk as they practice their plebian play rituals. He is serious, reserved and wise. Oh, and he’s a sucker for cookies 😉


He’s just hilarious! He’s Mr. Shy upon first introductions but that soon gives way to the totally silly character he is. The comedy for Riley results from the fact that he doesn’t know he’s funny. Kind of like the dude who always has a piece of spinach in his teeth and never knows it or wears mismatching neon colored socks…and you love him simply because of it. 😉


Goofball central! ha ha! Jackson is absolutely adorable, with his blocky lab head and his un-ending energy. He LOVES playing and he doesn’t even need you to help. He will entertain himself for hours. In fact, while I was working with one of his siblings by the pool, I caught site of him out in the yard…by himself…running back and forth with the frisbee, completely caught up in the moment he created for himself. It’s awesome.


Maggie was petrified of the camera at first although you’d never know it by the way she was hoggin’ it by the end of the session. She just needed a little reassurance from Mom and then it was off to Hollywood. ha ha! She also loves, guess what…the frisbee! And is quite the competitor when racing with her sister of the same litter, Sydney (below).


A little angel who loves a good game of disc-chasin’ in the yard but also enjoys being the shy girl that she is and cuddling up on the couch. She has a very sweet demeanor and compliments her sister very well. They are an adorable and totally lovable team.

This was an amazing two sessions and I had a wonderful time with these dogs. They are all rescues and all came with their own harrowing stories that would make you sick just thinking about it (Riley, for example was found in the garbage as a puppy. There goes that lump in my throat.) So, to see them in all their glory, living their full potential as incredible, loving and unique dogs just makes me so happy. A big applause for their “foster-failure” parents as I couldn’t think of anywhere better they could’ve ended up. 🙂


Bela, Lily & Blaze June 16, 2008

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A beautiful day, a beautiful lake and gorgeous dogs!

Bela is the lab/hound mix of this trio and harbinger of all attention (one is not permitted to pet or otherwise provide notice of anyone else while in her presence.) 🙂 She has liquid brown eyes that tug at your soul and a talent for tracking fish.

She loves the water and gets up high to search for schools of fish (usually taking her position on the boat, while docked) only to come dashing down when she spots them in hopes of one day catching “the big one”.

She’s a fabulous play mate and kept me completely entertained. Her hound-ness shows right through when a passing boat or jet skier skims by… you can’t mistake her alert signal as she HOWWWWWLLLLSSS!! 😉

Lily is a darling combination of Chow and Corgi (who’da thunk?) She is (a) gorgeous (b) super soft and (c) taps right along with purpose wherever she goes. A true sweetheart.

She also has a naturally inquisitive nature and will ENDLESSLY search for the source of spontaneous bubbles. I thought she was being hospitable, you know, digging up two dozen clams to serve me (on the half shell) with some drawn butter. Turns out, her parents discovered, she’s actually chasing the sulfur bubbles that pop up. It’s her favorite past time. I don’t blame her, it looks so refreshing. 😉

Her face makes me talk to my computer. Can you blame me?

Blaze is an Afghan hound mix currently serving his reign as King of the Dock, according to Dad. He does a good job of it too. When he’s not governing boat land he’s actually kind of a shy guy. Very particular.

He’s not a big fan of wet grass. Didn’t seem to have much use for sand or splashing around in the water. He’s charmingly reserved and prefers his safety zone of the sofa right next to Mom & Dad. He’s a lover boy.

And when you’re the only dude of the dog family, it’s just wise to let the women take the lead and stay out of the way- ha ha 😉 He is really so sweet and loving and he just makes you want to curl up with him on the couch and watch movies.

I had a wonderful morning, even getting to get my footsies wet in the lake. It was awesome, I’m not gonna lie. These dogs are way cool! Oh, and I also got to meet the kitty which, I was informed, is pretty much like getting an appointment with the Queen of England so that was pretty neat. She even took post near the bottom of the stairs to watch some of the photo shoot. 😉


Lucky & Molly June 13, 2008

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As I started to write this post, I kid you not, I described this dog as happy-go-yeah, lucky. Not because of his name but because that’s exactly what he is so it fits perfectly. However, it’s doubly sweet because his last name is Clover, for real. How adorable, right?!

I felt a tad under dressed when I arrived, seeing as Lucky had dressed in his Friday finest. But, he assured me, he’ll probably end up fetching too much and taking his clothes off anyway. Hey, that’s my kinda party! Totally kidding, ANYWAY… he was a perfect gentleman to match the black tie affair I had showed up at.

And he LOVES the ball of course. When playing by himself, he will choose a lighter fare of stuffed animal gizzards but when he has a partner, ball’s the game. I know what he’s talking about, I got just as obsessed with throwing the ball as he did intently tracking and catching it. He was so good at catching!

Okay, and the impression he does of Bill Cosby (just above) is uncanny!

Molly is an incredible young lady of high energy and lots of love. She has ball fever as well but treats fall on the same plane so she could have either and be perfectly happy. Just so long as she’s occupied you will get along just fine. She is such a speedy fetch-er and has so much fun that I had to make her rest so she would actually take a break. She gets so excited and it’s really fun to watch her enjoy her accomplishments. 😉

She also dressed for the occasion, sporting a set of pearls. Together, she and Lucky made a dashing couple! The pearls also came off with his bow tie as she likes to let loose and have fun too- hee hee!

Yeah, that pretty much says it right there.

Molly uses her fabulous combination of sweetness, attitude and female persuasion to get first dibs on everything when it comes to Lucky and the dynamic between the two is perfect. He just stays in the background and lets her have her way. Good boy! 😉


Thor & Loki June 8, 2008

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Take two. Yes, I had the awesome pleasure of photographing this pair again. They are simply amazing. And their paws are the size of my entire hand…a little bigger in fact.

In the past year, Thor has been taking some time off to think about life. Specifically the life that is now sharing his home…a new baby! 🙂 Okay, by new I mean a year old now and by baby I do mean a human. A very ADORABLE human too! Although Thor pretended it all wasn’t happening at first, he now acknowledges that he has a brother and that this super cute dude is stickin’ around for a while. Thor still gets as much attention as he ever did and is a perfect gentleman…even when he accidentally gets whacked by the baby swing that he chooses to walk in the path of- hee hee!

Loki is still the lovely host of the house, and she still gets behind the furniture to bark when you come in- ha ha! I’m just mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and calm nature. She also has an aloofness that she chooses to portray when she feels like it…and then she decides she likes her picture taken and tries to steal Thor’s thunder- ha ha. She’s a ham underneath it all. Her Mom tells me she took to the baby immediately and is the perfect nursemaid.

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with these gentle giants and I was very happy to have a reunion. Many thanks to their wonderful family for it all. 🙂


Izzie June 5, 2008

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Izzie (Isabelle) is a wonderfully delightful Havanese whom I had the pleasure of spending a morning with. She is soft and snuggly and oh so sweet as pie. A camera-shy streak in the beginning gave way to the natural model that she is (she has a few show ribbons under her belt) and I enjoyed watching her come out of her shell.

I adore the white-gray puff that sits on top of her head and the rare moments that her eyes peek through. She is a fun-loving and free spirit who enjoys a good crazy dog run, her trademark butt dance and collapsing for a belly rub.

Thank you Izzie for bringing the character that brightened my day! 🙂