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Lucy & Fifi April 26, 2008

Of course they’re poodles!

Lucy, the apricot colored dame, is 14 years old and still retaining a youthful glow and a hearty appetite. 😉 She loves treats, relaxing and snuggling in her Mom’s arms. Her mom owns a killer hair salon in Metrowest and was kind enough to give the girls a little trim before our shoot.

Lucy therefore displayed a beautiful pair of eyes and some bangs, which I hear are in now. 🙂 She is incredibly sweet, obviously adorable and a perfect partner to watch the sun go down with.

Fifi is the younger adopted sister of Lucy who cares less about relaxing and more about chasing. Namely lizards, frogs and squirrels. However, when all of the above are in safe hiding, Fifi imagines critters up and chases after those as well. I’m not kidding, she seemed to find creatures taunting her in the pool (possibly a poodle monster reflection), on a bare spot of pool deck, in a motionless patch of grass or stone. She was a constant whirlwind of activity, never in the same place for more than a blink.

And just when I thought I might actually have a millisecond to snap a picture, she’d see a bird in her peripheral…30ft in the sky above…and bolt across the yard as it flew parallel and always out of reach. It was hilarious! And although she never actually catches anything, I give her a big “A” for effort, imagination and perseverance . I so wish my dogs could entertain themselves like that for hours. Fifi has a gorgeous little face of wonder and determination and I admire her for it. I had a wonderful time with these girls.


Photohound in Tails Magazine! February 23, 2008

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tails-mag-image-web.jpg insert-copy.jpg

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the Tails Magazine March issue. First off, because it’s a GREAT pet mag with a GREAT mission, distributed in almost every major city in the United States. These guys really have their stuff together. Awesome features, extensive resources and the ultimate goal of taking the “less” out of homeless pets.

But, the March issue also rocks because Photohound Dog Photography and Winter Park’s very own, Dexter the Basset Hound have the cover! How cool is that?! I’ve been hinting to the folks at City Tails that a Florida edition would be a big hit so maybe we’ll get lucky in the future. In the meantime, if you have friends in Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, Texas, Philly, L.A. and beyond tell them to pick up the latest copy. You can catch up online at and view the current issue. If you’d like to start receiving the paper version they have subscriptions available ($33/year) as well as some neato merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support rescue & adoption…which is what this current issue is all about- woo hoo!