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Thor & Loki June 8, 2008

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Take two. Yes, I had the awesome pleasure of photographing this pair again. They are simply amazing. And their paws are the size of my entire hand…a little bigger in fact.

In the past year, Thor has been taking some time off to think about life. Specifically the life that is now sharing his home…a new baby! 🙂 Okay, by new I mean a year old now and by baby I do mean a human. A very ADORABLE human too! Although Thor pretended it all wasn’t happening at first, he now acknowledges that he has a brother and that this super cute dude is stickin’ around for a while. Thor still gets as much attention as he ever did and is a perfect gentleman…even when he accidentally gets whacked by the baby swing that he chooses to walk in the path of- hee hee!

Loki is still the lovely host of the house, and she still gets behind the furniture to bark when you come in- ha ha! I’m just mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and calm nature. She also has an aloofness that she chooses to portray when she feels like it…and then she decides she likes her picture taken and tries to steal Thor’s thunder- ha ha. She’s a ham underneath it all. Her Mom tells me she took to the baby immediately and is the perfect nursemaid.

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with these gentle giants and I was very happy to have a reunion. Many thanks to their wonderful family for it all. 🙂


Soprano October 18, 2007

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Soprano was rescued as a puppy by his loving parents who have made it their duty to spoil him for all his days. He is a 110 pound concoction of several somethings who planted himself upright in my lap on several occassions- ha ha! He loves to be loved.


Whisked away from a more-than-questionable environment, Soprano now only drinks filtered water (I passed the test on that one :-)). Don’t try and trick him either, his parents tell me, or else he’ll stand at his bowl and stare at you until you fix the problem. There is a complete absence of any threatening bone in his body as all he really wants out of life is to roll over to have his belly rubbed. Hand-feeding him dates and fanning him with palm fronds would also be just as acceptable.


The type of exercise he prefers involves digging a hole to Tibet via his favorite corner of the yard and then slumping down for a cold-Earthed snooze. He LOVES the dirt.


He also loves ice cream! His Mom makes homemade ice cream treats that he REALLY enjoys. Yum Yum! It was great to work with him and his awesome parents- thanks Kim & Felix! And, Soprano, thanks for the super fun session. BA-DA-BING!


Thor & Loki May 2, 2007

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These guys were soooo cool. Both are very Great Danes. Thor is younger and all black and Loki is merle (did I spell that right?) First of all, Thor is really intimidating because he has a big bark, and all that, when you come to the door which doesn’t phase me but he was like 170 lbs and as tall as I was on four legs! Loki’s new thing was to bark at you from behind a couple of chairs at the entrance and that was so adorable. Thor turned out to be the sweetest “little” thing ever and I told his Mom that if he talked, his voice would sound like Mike Tyson.

Loki let me dress her up in her favorite snake toy and just sat there. I think she has a career on the runway if you ask me. She was so great and she was constantly trying to figure out ways to steal treats from my bag. Loki “The Viking God of Mischief”.

Thor was just a love bug.


I was talking to my Dad about the session because he has a Great Dane and he tried to get me to call those folks up so he could stop by and meet the dogs. I told him that would be weird and “No, it’s a client, not a playhouse and they don’t want strange old men just stopping by” so he settled for a detailed description of how super duper cool they both were. Thanks Thor & Loki!

p.s. I’m not really that mean to my Dad and if anyone likes strange old men popping by to visit people’s dogs just let me know and I’ll send him the message. 🙂